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Douglass Colony Offers Unparalleled Service in Commercial Roofing

Since its founding in 1947, Douglass Roofing established itself as the Rocky Mountain region’s premier full-service commercial roofing, industrial roofing, and steep roofing contractor. On January 1st 2009, Douglass Roofing and Colony Metal joined to provide innovative solutions and unparalleled seamless service as Douglass Colony group, Inc. Douglass Colony has been an industry leader in […]

Endocrine Rehab’s

Introducing: Endocrine Rehab’sTM Patent Pending GBF Supplement (A Superior Master Antioxidant Formula) that is helping to Change People’s Lives IN A PHENOMENAL WAY! Now available on Optimum Glutathione Precursors is the SECRET TO REAL, NATURAL, OPTIMAL HEALTH BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE! GBF is THE ONLY Glutatione Supplement SELECTED for Many On-Going Clinical Studies for Instant […]

Atlantis: The Small Island Has Been Found!

  According to a new book, Atlantis Pyramids Floods, by Dennis Brooks, the small island of Atlantis has been found. When Plato wrote about the island of Atlantis, he said it was 1/2 mile wide and held several structures including temples and the king’s palace. This island has been found in Florida. Dennis Brooks has […]

University Find Link Between Drug Abuse and Indoor Tanning 

Researchers at CU Anschutz in Denver have found a link between indoor tanning, substance abuse and other risky behaviors. “We were surprised by the association between recreational drug use and indoor tanning among high school students,” said Dr. Robert Dellavalle, Associate Professor of Dermatology with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The researchers gave […]

Mighty Men of Faith – Believe in His Promises (album)

Contemporary Gospel Recording Artists The Mighty Men of Faith have announced the forthcoming release of their new album “Believe in His Promises.” Produced by the 2x Grammy nominated producer Prince Damons, the album is an uplifting experience of love, peace and happiness. “Believe in His Promises” will debut this Spring and is now available to […]

Crowdfunding campaign ApoyoAnimal DONATE

This is Animal Support an initiative based on Internet technology and advertising provides the service to shorten links to customers around the world and provides a solidarity contribution. We run a crowdfunding campaign. I am Arley Hernandez project leader, webmaster and experienced in helping animals through foundations. It is perfect to bring forward the proyect Of APOYOANIMAL. With […]

Anime Convention Invades Colorado in April!

Sukoshi Con, the Social Anime Convention is bringing their unique take on Anime Conventions to Colorado on April 29 – May 1, 2016. You can expect favorites like Panels, Guests, Gaming, Contests, Tournaments, Screenings, Dances, and late-night events with a lean towards engaging attendees with a interactive and social vibe. Be sure to check out […]

International Rapper CorePreme Sparks Controversy

International Rapper CorePreme is no stranger to controversy. In true fashion he managed to uphold his controversial bad boy reputation. In a recent stop on his ongoing world tour, Core found himself in The Dominican Republic. Initially there to perform at a series of nightclubs and pubs, he managed to not only perform but to […]