The New John Grisham? R.N. Shapiro Publishes Critically-Acclaimed Legal Thriller


R.N. Shapiro published a new novel titled “Taming the Telomeres”. In “Taming”, a High school senior named Amanda Michaels suffers amnesia after a horrific jet crash. She loses her parents and her memory in the crash, but miraculously survives. While recovering, Amanda strikes up a whirlwind romance with a young hospital volunteer, but only recalls a haunting series of flashbacks of her near death experiences (NDE’s). Meanwhile, her uncle, high profile D.C. trial attorney, Andy Michaels, represents her and the families of numerous passengers against Hemispheres Airways.

Critics have called “Taming the Telomeres” a unique hybrid of sci-fi and legal intrigue. You could say it’s like “Divergent” meets “The Rainmaker”. Get a copy today on Amazon or visit the author’s site at