Crowdfunding campaign ApoyoAnimal DONATE

This is Animal Support an initiative based on Internet technology and advertising provides the service to shorten links to customers around the world and provides a solidarity contribution. We run a crowdfunding campaign.

I am Arley Hernandez project leader, webmaster and experienced in helping animals through foundations. It is perfect to bring forward the proyect Of APOYOANIMAL.

With the boom of social networks, the need to share was also increased, short links, due to character limit, which in many of them there.

What is this all about?

It is an economic contribution to apoyoanimal. Just the best way to belonging a large group of contributors.
Think about this. If until now have not loved an animal, a part of you will be asleep.

You can now help those who are helping to achieve their solidarity objectives, and benefit the 4-legged beings.

Ask yourself: How i will help these these defenseless and needy animals?

Sure we must help!!

We have a crowdfunding campaing for short links website In WWW.IDEA.ME. We have a term of less than 30 days to collect an appropriate amount to start with the company. We will build a website that will give assistance to animals with a percentage of profits to be obtained, and those who donate get fabulous rewards.

There are three objectives

1. Link shortener service.
2. Advertising character or pet and
3. Donation to animal cause that it is the important issue.

Well I want to ask you to spread everywhere the project link also if you can support us with a donation, we would be very grateful.