Things that a boyfriend wishes but cannot tell the women they are dating

When we are dating someone, we try to be nice. We refrain from expressing our dislikes also. However, if you plan to create a long-lasting relationship, you have to be honest and let your partner know the things you like and dislike. Here are a few things that boyfriends don’t like but cannot express.

Makeup or no makeup doesn’t matter

While women are particular about their makeup and color of blusher and eyeliner, men are least bothered with these. They want their girlfriends to look nice but not with layers of makeup on their face. They may not tell you but once in a while if you go out in your natural look, he would appreciate.

He doesn’t like to be in constant touch

Don’t get me wrong. When you are in love you want to be always together, physically or over phone. However, men do not like being tracked always. They also do not like to make or receive calls every hour. So, give each other space to let the relationship grow.

He craves more sex

This is no brainer. Men are physical beings and love sex. He may not tell you but he wants more. If possible talk to him about it and accommodate more intimacy in your life.

He cannot choose between you and his friends

Men like being with their friends like you love your girlie friends. However, some women try to keep their boyfriends’ friends out of their way. He may not openly complain but feels bad about it. Whether it is drinking beer or going out to watch soccer, he loves to spend time with his friends.

He wants his own space

We mean physical space. Like he wants to spend time with his friends, he also wants some space of his own. May be a room he can call his own and store all his old sports magazines, sporting gears and other mementos. He would get hurt if you make fun of his habit of storing old socks and tees, but never utter a word. Our suggestion? Give your man his space and he would never leave you.

He wants you to be adventurous

Men have a thing for adventure, most men, to be precise. They love to try different foods, explore new places and new positions in bed. While women tend to be always formal and plan ahead, men love to jump on board whenever they find something interesting. He may not ask you to accompany him but would love if you join him on his hiking or biking excursions.

Men are not known to be vocal and express their desires. They secretly pine for certain things. This list would give you enough hints to keep your man happy.