Douglass Colony Offers Unparalleled Service in Commercial Roofing

Since its founding in 1947, Douglass Roofing established itself as the Rocky Mountain region’s premier full-service commercial roofing, industrial roofing, and steep roofing contractor. On January 1st 2009, Douglass Roofing and Colony Metal joined to provide innovative solutions and unparalleled seamless service as Douglass Colony group, Inc. Douglass Colony has been an industry leader in commercial roofing, offering innovative, effective solutions for all roofing types.

As Douglass Colony’s competencies grew over the years, so did its product offerings and services. Douglass Colony’s diversified portfolio now includes roofing (flat, steep, re-roofing), metals (sunscreens, composite wall panels, light-gauge steel trusses, metal roofing, sheet metal, flashings & trim, panelized metal stud framing using the FRAMECAD system), solar (photovoltaic, rooftops, ground mounts, parking canopies, awnings), waterproofing (horizontal and vertical applications, gardens), daylighting, and commercial roofing service and maintenance.

Douglass Colony Group has maintained a quality reputation in the Rocky Mountain region through its commitment to always hold the highest standards for safety, materials, and customer service. As the largest commercial roofing, metals, solar, and waterproofing company in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region, Douglass Colony’s materials, services, and expertise are unparalleled. With the experience and size to back our reputation, there is no limit to the services that we can provide.