DS Domination Review – Income Generator or a Scam?



What is DS Domination?

is it push button copy ‘n paste income generating software?

Or it’s just another MLM (Network Marketing) companyy or..an affiliate program?

is it easy to implement?

is “ds domination” created to completely replace your primary job ..or does it just go hand to hand with it? In this detailed review, why don’t we take a quick look and put some rumors to rest and possibly… just possibly finally find out the truth and behind the scenes “secrets” that most likely will SHOCK YOU! ds domination

The Founder:

Is a the brain child of Roger Langille, who has been a master copywriter for the last 10 years. Not only that, he is one of the top rated sellers on eBay, where he consistently made over 7 figures a year. Roger Langille combined his skill, knowledge and experience to create DSD..

Here is Roger Langille’s prior training before DSD was formed:

And if you didn’t already knew, “DS” stands for Dropship.

In other words, it’s effectiveness is guaranteed that a 10 year old can do it.

DSD Review – Show me the Monies

How do you make money?

What is so special about this program compared to everything else on there on the internet?

Let’s dive in shall we?

DSD is a step by step video course that will teach you the most popular way that most of the top eBay sellers use in order to get products and sell them.

The method they use is dropshipping.. The name of the game is you will have an opportunity to buy products at a lower price and sell them on eBay for a profit. The genius thing about this method is you NEVER hold any inventory and it’s all done online. You don’t have to physically deal with the products. You just receive the money from the eBay buyer before hand and give the order to the supplier to ship to your customer. And… YOU keep all of the profits. DS-Domination-eBay-Drop-Ship

eBay Drop Shipping

is that really it?

It looks like a simple process, in a way, it really is, however you need to have a good knowledge about it in order to make some serious profits without any headaches.

This is where DSD comes into play.

With more customers buying and shopping on eBay and Amazon, there is a new opportunity for everyone to tap into with UNLIMITED potential.

Even the experts say eBay and Amazon customers will be increasing massively in the next few years.

If you want to tap into this promising market, you need put on your business hat on and equip yourself with all the right knowledge.

When you first sign up for DS Domination here for $20.00 per month, you will access to 19 training modules that take you by the hand step by step on how exactly you can make your first few sales on eBay with NO start up costs.

Roger has made this training VERY easy and simple to follow to make sure FAILURE is NOT an option. DS Domination PRO Training Course

Elite Training ($99.95 per month)

Once you have gone through the entire Pro training, you will have the option to upgrade to Elite.

This is where you get access to 10 intense training modules on how you can leverage all kinds of websites to sell items on eBay.

The profit margins are a lot bigger compared to the Pro (Average profits: $3-90 per item) where with Elite’s training, you will be making $100-200 PER sale. In addition, you have access to a special software that makes your life a lot easier.

Is there more? Of course there is..

Unleashed ($249 One-time) and Monopoly ($499 One-time)

These are TWO very high quality and underground courses that many people don’t know about.

I don’t want to reveal too much, but lets just say once you go through the training course, you will learn exactly how to make money BUYING products and reduce all kinds of fee’s including even your Paypal Fee.

You will learn exactly how to leverage buying from Amazon for products that cost 50% LESS compared to eBay and sell them for a massive profit. If done right, you will dominate the Amazon Market.

NEW TRAINING UPDATE: Genesis ($997 One-time) (Launched June 2014)

This is the latest product in the DSD line up where you use the power of Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) and just make a killing with it. This teaches you to source out items from China and USA that you can get for 10 cents to $1 that are selling on Amazon for $30-$100.00

Genesis also includes an APP for your phone where you can scan bar-codes in any shopping mall and it will tell you EXACTLY how much the item is going for on Amazon. It will even tell you how often it sells so if you find an item for $5 and it’s selling on Amazon for $30 and the app says it sells 20-30 times a day… Guess what your going to do? BUY as many as you can and send them into Amazon. What FBA does for you is package your items, ship out your items for you to your customers, handles returns and customer service. All you have to worry about is keep up with the inventory!

Affiliate Marketing

For 75% of the DSD members, you will use the training courses and make an incredible amount of money if followed correctly just by drop shipping.

The amazing thing about this is if you failed affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, List building, blogging or any other kind of make money online methods, that’s perfectly okay!

The reason for that is you can use the training and actually make your first sale ever online and you can just stop at that.

Now for the marketers out there..

You have another option if you wish to take it, but it’s not necessary.

You can sign up here for their affiliate program where you can promote DSD and make a 50% commission on your first level sales.

The cost to being an affiliate is $9.95 per month which is a LOT lower than any other business opportunity I have ever seen.

They provide you with some good marketing tools to get you going, but I recommend getting some professional squeeze pages done. The good news is, our team site which I will explain after provide you with over 20 high converting squeeze pages. In fact, you DON’T even need a website. We provide that for you.


Now that I have been in the company for 5 months, I can show you how powerful the affiliate side really is…

First let’s look at the compensation plan quickly.

DSD pays you 10 levels deep with NO pass ups. You keep everything.

Level 1: 50% commissions (Your personally sponsored members)

Level 2: 10%

Level 3: 5%

Level 4: 4%

Level 5: 3%

Level 6: 2%

Level 7-10: 1%

I am going to show you my numbers.

PRO and ELITE are recurring payments which means when someone signs up under you, you will get 50% commissions every single month as long as your members are active. The retention from to month to month is 80%. Which is amazing! Here are the numbers for all you affiliates out there…

For EVERY 20 PRO members ($19.95 per month X.50 = $10.00 per month x 20 members = $200 per month Residual.

10 will upgrade to Elite ($99.95 per month x .50 = $50 per month x 10 members = $500 per month in Residual.

5 will upgrade to Unleashed ($249.00 One-time x .50 = $125 One-Time x 5 = $625 One-Time For that month.

3 will upgrade to Monopoly ($499.00 One-Time x .50 = $250 One-Time x 3 = $750 One-Time For That month.

2 Will upgrade to Genesis ($997.00 One-Time X .50 = $500 One-Time x 2 = $1000 One-Time For That month.

So your Total for that month would be $3075.00

You will have to trust my math this is my team average so far.

I do a lot of my marketing through blogging, solo ads and ppc.

By far the easiest way is SOLO ADS. When I drive about 100 clicks, our capture pages convert at 40-50% so we get 40-50 leads. If you decide to join my team, I will give you the hottest solo ad vendors that I have used. Now for every 40-50 leads, I get 4-5 sign ups over a period of a month at most.

You will also get my highest converting emails to follow up with (8 in total) for follow ups.

Here is my list size for DSD:

ds domination affiliate

The reason I am showing you this data is because I want to be completely transparent with you.. I have nothing to hide and these are my personal numbers.

Now, let’s log into my DS Domination back office and see how many people I have signed up…

ds domination affiliate members

Now let’s do some math here…

5938 leads = 824 Sign ups (Personal Sponsored)

Those 824 Sign up’s have brought me over $50,000 in affiliate commissions and growing fast every single month. So let’s say it cost me $2 per lead, to grow a list size of 5938 would cost me around $12,000 so let’s minus that from my total commissions $50,000 – $12,000 = $38,000 in commissions net.

The truth is though $2 a lead is on the expensive side, I average about $1 per lead 🙂

Once you decide to join my team, you will get access to all my marketing tools and ad providers to help you build your business fast! You will become a marketing king once I am done with you lol. Click Here To Join My Team.

My Personal DSD eBay drop shipping Results

I am just going to focus on my eBay drop shipping results here by using the training course only.

This will show you if it really works instead of me just talking about it…

This is a snap shot of my eBay account:


Now you can see, I have made $7808 USD in the last 30 days in sales.

My average profit margin in my niche is 40%.

So when you do the math $7808 X.40 = $3123.20 USD Profit.

Not bad right?


My Sales Have Increased Almost 4 Times now!


So you can see after being in it for 4 months, it REALLY paid off! Okay Back to the review:

There wasn’t a ton of effort involved doing it either.

Initially, I spent more time then I should listing items, but with practice and taking action everyday, I got better and better.

I got to the point where I was listing 20 items an hour and when I hit the 160 item area, I stopped.

All the sales from eBay are coming in on auto-pilot now and that is the truth.

You will have to put some effort in the beginning, but once you do, it gets VERY easy after.

There are many bias reviews out there on the internet, but all of them are just affiliates and not from people that use the products.


Unlike many people that review products or business opportunities, they never actually took it for a test drive themselves.

I believe that is VERY unethical and you should ONLY do a review if you actually took it for a spin and got results.

I personally took DSD for a spin and implemented exactly what it says in their training modules.

I took action and went through the modules and applied what I was learning at the same time.

I took action and listed 160 items that are profitable using the DSD training and got really great results..

Now the question is..

Are you going to decide to take action or you just want this business opportunity to slip you by?

Are you going to take action and implement this training to profit you for the rest of your life?

Are you going to take action and finally make your FIRST sale ever online.

I promise one thing, if you decide and take action now and join DS Domination here, you WILL get great results.

Another added bonus I will personally give you is my PERSONAL techniques on how to make money drop shipping

on eBay.

I have already got great results and I would like you to succeed as well.

TEAM BONUS – I provide ADDITIONAL FREE training on OUR own Team site which will give you even MORE tools you can use to kick start your business ($4997 Value). You will have FULL access to our $997 training for FREE once you click this link below and join our team!

We provide you with your OWN website with your DS Domination affiliate link attached to it!

Let me Eloberate on our TEAM website, I am going to warn you it WILL blow your mind lol.

Exclusive Team Bonuses

There are lot of people out there writing reviews offering some kind of bonuses.

First of all, most of them NEVER even used the training at ALL.

I am talking about their drop shipping course. I have eBay accounts one with over 1000 feedback that is active as we speak making sales daily.

So why would you join someone who doesn’t even use DS Domination and just trying to get a quick sign up?

I have different intentions for you..

I want you to SUCCEED and that is why I have made our OWN team site with a marketing system build into it.

Here are some of the features of our site:

ds domination, ds domination review, ds domination scam

Custom Team Squeeze Pages

ds domination

All of our Team squeeze pages convert at 60% or higher. You will convert traffic into leads FAST.

This is for all of the people that want to promote DSD easily and effectively.

For the people that just want to make money on eBay, we have ADDITIONAL training with the latest tips to make you massive profits on eBay.

Everything on our TEAM has easy to follow step by step instructions on how to set everything up, so don’t worry about a thing.

Not only that, we have our exclusive Facebook Group that provide you an amazing community where we help all of our team members and even share great ideas to to profit from DS Domination in many other avenues.

You can see how this kind of website and service can cost $4997?

This is ALL free for our team members, so go ahead right now and get STARTED NOW!

Once you join our team by clicking the GREEN button below, I will personally send you an welcome email with YOUR personal link to our team site.