Do not search business. Let the business search you.


way2progress takes online advertizing a notch higher

Introducing way2progress, a unique platform that helps you get the most out of your advertizing budget. Getting your business across to a wider audience within a limited budget is now a reality with

In less than a year since inception, the website has already made a mark and helped hundreds of business owners generate impressive revenues from their products and services.

According to the founder, Abhishek Soni, “way2progress is committed to helping businesses increase sales by providing for them, an advertizing and networking platform at very affordable rates. We want to assist entrepreneurs generate traffic and sales without being bogged down with the technicalities involved”

The features and benefits available to you as a subscriber on way2progress are as follows:

  • A free and straightforward registration process
  • Access to a network of an increasing number of businesses
  • A cost-effective means of advertizing your products and services
  • Publish unlimited news and updates about your business at no extra cost
  • Send promotions and special offers directly to your target customers at the click of a tab.
  • Customers can post comments, reviews or on your product or service to other users, thereby increasing your reach and rate of conversion.
  • Get business inquiries and new leads directly from your subscriber account. You no longer have to engage in endless searches to promote your business.
  • You are able to promote your business to your target customers without the technicalities of keywords and bidding process required in pay per click (PPC) advertizing.
  • Free access to marketing software and tools to help increase your website traffic and search engine ranking.

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