Denver Book Recycling – FREE Denver Boulder Metro Pickup

At Denver Book Recycling, our Reuse and Recycling Program keeps books and other media out of landfills. It’s SO EASY TO ARRANGE A PICKUP, just fill out our pickup form on our website, or call (720)76-SAVED, that’s (720)767-2833! Unlike many other places to donate books, we are able to place books in reuse situations almost all the time. Donating books to us will set your mind at ease, we won’t throw your books away! We have a variety of outlets for the books we take, we often donate books to other organizations for sales, libraries and giveaways. Large Print texts are earmarked for Senior Centers, kids books are always needed in School Libraries and classrooms. Re-purposing books in INNOVATIVE ways is also part of our program. Donate your books to our program and you will help fund our Reuse and Recycling Program. ZERO LANDFILL Policy. Donated Books don’t belong in landfills.