Customized Nutrition, Workouts, and Accountability

Most people stop working out because they become bored with their workouts or they don’t see the results they want to see.  Even more people never get started because they just don’t know where to begin and the whole process is intimidating.  Whether you need help staying engaged in your workouts, accountability to show up when it’s tough, or the basic knowledge of what to do, BlackBox Trainer is the tool to get you, and keep, you on track.

A quality personal trainer can cost over $100/hr.  Most free software doesn’t have the personalizationquality, or “done for you” aspect that this will.  There is just too much information out there to sort through in order to continually create workouts yourself when you would rather be working out and moving on with your day. In addition, when you create your own workouts, you’re more likely to not complete them, cheat, or not do it at all. BlackBox Trainer does it all for you, with the quality of $100+/hr trainer, and at a price you can afford.

This software creates personalized workouts for you according to your time, skill, fitness, and equipment.  It also generates nutritional suggestions for what you should be eating, how much, and when, in order to best reach your goals.  Additionally, with punishment and motivation options, you can get the accountability you need to show up to the gym even when you don’t feel like it. All this is delivered to you in a simple to use format on your computer and your mobile device.

They have launched a Crowdfunding campaign where you can pre-order the service at a BIG discount. This is so they can speed up the development of the service and get it to you faster and with more features.

BlackBox Trainer

We believe that with the proper plan and support, people are able to achieve their health goals. So, we’ve created an algorithm that replicates how Adam personally creates customized, periodized programs of diet and exercise for clients using simple inputs. BlackBox Trainer is the individualized plan and support a person needs in order to achieve their health goals, at a price that is affordable.

BlackBox Trainer is for anyone who wants/needs done for you workout and nutrition plans.  BBT is a service for improving health, which provides customized workouts, nutrition, and support at a netflix price.  Unlike personal trainers that are expensive and often under-qualified, and free apps that are generally poor in quality or are one dimensional, BBT provides the plan and support you need at a low cost.

A person can’t get to a goal by randomly choosing pre-made workouts.  You need a plan! BlackBox Trainer provides that plan.

Once we launch the live product, 5% of profit will go to the children of fallen heroes and 50% of the accountability program profit will go to wounded warriors. As a veteran owned and operated company, we are personally familiar with the hardships that these people and families experience. We see it as our duty to help where we can.

We need help spreading the word about our service though. Please visit our campaign page and share it with your friends over email and also facebook/twitter. The most effective way though is email and then to follow up with those people at least twice. We appreciate all the support and we can’t do it without you!