The Not-So-Bad OOPS

written by Thomas Rutherford Owner and Coach of Competitive bodybuilder Thomas Rutherford Coach of Truth Contest Prep remembers, “the best and my favorite is…I must set this one up right. It was 330am 10 days before my Jr Nationals 2009 show. I ate three white bread, butter, and pancake syrup sandwiches over the sink […]

Customized Nutrition, Workouts, and Accountability

Most people stop working out because they become bored with their workouts or they don’t see the results they want to see.  Even more people never get started because they just don’t know where to begin and the whole process is intimidating.  Whether you need help staying engaged in your workouts, accountability to show up when it’s tough, or the basic […]


Do you love Kickstarter as much as I do? Well there’s a new product that recently launched and it’s going to be big! It’s called HandleThisCup. It’s a handle that firmly and comfortably latches on to any 16-24 oz. cup for easy carrying, reduced heat transfer, and minimal spilling. The handle, which contains 3 medallion […]

Travel Forever on $20 a day!

Revolutionary new travel book shows everyone regardless of current financial condition how to camp, travel and live forever anywhere in the United States on $20 a day. Author Jason Odom and his wife Kelly have traveled over 700,000 miles in 15 years enjoying the sumptuous beauty of pristine national parks and the exciting nightlife of […]

Create additional serving space you desire with CookTop Cover.

Made in US of light weight aluminum, cleans up quickly, stores easily. Provides 600 sq inches of additional serving space. Great for dinner parties, buffet serving or sports parties. Available for 4 or 5/6 burner cooktops in black satin or appliance white. Custom stainless steel is available in any size upon request. Call for info […]

The Law Office of Paul Stuber

There are three main areas of law in which Paul Stuber practices in Boulder, Colorado including DUI attorney, bankruptcy law and trusts and estate planning. Paul Stuber has been practicing law in Colorado since 1983 and is located at 2322 Vineyard Place, Boulder, CO 80304. If you have any questions, please feel free to give […]

Wilderness first aid classes for when 911 isn’t an option

Ian Roberts stood in front of a group of Boy Scout leaders and asked for a volunteer. A moment later, Jake Inclan stepped forward to volunteer and had his arm doused in a healthy quantity of fake blood. The watching students groaned a bit in sympathy. “I did warn you,” Roberts said, “that volunteering gets […]