Do you love Kickstarter as much as I do? Well there’s a new product that recently launched and it’s going to be big! It’s called HandleThisCup. It’s a handle that firmly and comfortably latches on to any 16-24 oz. cup for easy carrying, reduced heat transfer, and minimal spilling. The handle, which contains 3 medallion shaped spaces for advertising partners, was designed for use at sporting events, concerts, and festivals – where flimsy cups are filled to the brim with drinks. By separating users’ hands from their cups, HandleThisCup keeps fingers warm and drinks cold. One of the most impressive feature of HandleThisCup is its nesting ability, allowing users to easily hold a branch of ten or more cups in one hand.

Getting drinks and concessions is a major part of going to any game or concert – but traipsing back to your friends balancing 6 flimsy cups overflowing is a total pain. Not an issue with HandleThisCup!

Go check them out and fund them! You’ll be the rockstar of your friends and it’s so COOL!


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