The Intellectual Benefits of Coding

A preschool that offers a strong academic program can help your child learn how to read and do simple math problems before kindergarten. But if you teach your kid to code from a young age, you’re providing her with the tools to master the digital world that will dominate the school and career scene in which she will grow up. Coding helps your child concentrate on creating, solving problems and logic. It helps her learn why technology works the way it does and how she can use it to her advantage.

Keith Heggart, an Austrailan secondary school teacher, contributed an article to and said that if kids learn to debug a computer program, it is an excellent problem solving exercise. When he takes it apart to see how it works, a student can better see how to repair it. Moreover, a child who knows how to code can think on a more critical level than he likely could before he learned to code.

Kids will learn a lot about coding just by trying it out without adult interference. Letting them discover and learn coding will keep their natural curiosity juices flowing, and they will probably want to learn more. They can use online tutorials and tools like coding forums to help them answer their specific coding questions. Even preschoolers can take advantage of the multitude of online tools designed to teach kids how to code.

Finally, the expert from appendTo explain that when kids learn to code, they learn persistence. Giving up when a problem gets a tad too difficult is not really an option in the real, adult world. If a child wants to create a program that functions well, she innately wants to learn how to fix the problem on her own, despite the frustration that comes with it. Learning the life skills of determination and persistence are enough reason to teach kids to code, even if they decide to pursue careers outside of computer science down the road.

Teach your kids to code to help them learn problem solving skills and persistence. These are skills they can use no matter where they go in life.