Planning a Wedding in Denver

Denver is known as the mile high city, but it is also a very popular place to plan a destination wedding. The huge backdrop of Rocky Mountains and the fresh crisp air that you can only find in high altitudes makes Denver an ideal place to plan a wedding. Additionally, if you are into skiing, Denver is perfectly located near some of the best ski and snowboarding parks in the entire world. During the summer, there is plenty of wildlife to explore and hiking to do in the Rocky Mountain National Park which is just a short drive away.

Popular Denver Wedding Themes

Since it’s located in the Rocky Mountains, many of the most popular wedding themes used have to do with the mountains. This can be anything from skiing to hiking to hunting, so there really are a lot of great options from which to choose. You can always go with the classic wedding colors and elegant syle which works well regardless of where you are having your wedding in Denver.

Where to Get Married in Denver

Though there are a lot of great places to get married in Denver, by far my favorite is in the mountains overlooking the city. There is something really majestic about looking down on Denver from a few thousand feet up and saying your vows, and that’s the type of wedding you simply can’t have anywhere else. There is even a place to buy wedding sparklers in Denver so you can celebrate in style, just make sure there isn’t any kind of a burn restriction going on or you’ll be breaking the law by using them.

Cool Photo Spots in Denver

Much like where the best place to have your wedding in Denver is, I also like the photo opportunities that are available throughout the mountains. I guarantee that you’ll love the photos of you kissing at the base of a very tall mountain or standing in front of a huge glacier. For the more adventurous hiking couple, you can follow one of the many trails throughout the Rocky Mountain National Park that lead to places you can only see with a several mile hike. Though it will take some work and effort, the pictures you get will simply blow your mind and will impress anyone you share your wedding photo album with.