Midtown Inpatient Medicine in Denver, Colorado

Hospitals are Medicine’s Symphony. We are conductors of the inpatient snapshot, caretakers of the hospital’s complexity. We are communicators with nurses, therapists, care managers, patients, families, guardians, surgeons and subspecialists. Ours is the music of what-happened and why, what-do-I-take and how, who-can-help-me and when. These a just a few of the hospitalist services we offer to the Denver community.

Every now and again, a doctor proves that ‘above and beyond’ is not a concept, but an actual way of life. One day, I received a call. It started, “Did you know…” One of our physicians worried about her patient who, diagnosed with terminal cancer, wanted to return to his family in Mexico. She flew with him to Phoenix, ensuring that he boarded his flight to Mexico personally. He was reunited with his family, and she returned –having bestowed an unbelievable gift. She never intended to speak of it, but doctors do wonderful things for patients every day, and we celebrate that.

We are the grateful and talented hosts for our patients and their families, our guests for the intense moments in the hospital.  After which, our patients return to an informed community physician, to continue the timeline of their lives.  We offer dedicated time, principled care and compassionate healing to our patients, honoring their lives and the providers who shelter them when they leave our hospitals.